IMN provides on site and field staffing to screen each patient pay account (regardless of amount) from every Hospital Department: Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Room, Clinic, Psych. Newborn, Long Term Care. Etc. IMN personnel have provided Hospital Services and Medicaid Services since its inception, 1986. All IMN new personnel must have a minimum of one year experience in processing Medicaid applications. Our Third Party Payor Eligibility Screening became effective in 1990, along with the Social Security Services. All IMN new personnel that are assigned to the Third Party Payor Department/SSA are fully trained in understanding all phases of eligibility for each individual carrier.

Hospital Services Provided:

  • In Hospital Staffing to screen each Patient Pay Account regardless of Balance

  • Aged Case Review

  • Coordination of Insurance Policies

  • Client In-Service Training

  • Obtain Patient Signatures where required

  • Verification of Commercial Insurance Benefits

  • Submission of Claims Forms and required follow-up until receipt of payment

  • Complete Required Affidavits for Insurance Claims

  • Charity Care Application Assistance

  • Support Section 1011 Program for Illegal Aliens


Social Security Administration Services:

  • Medicare Application Processing

  • Medicare Part D Enrollment

  • Social Security Applications

  • Social Security Appeals

  • Medicare Buy-Ins


Medicaid Services:

  • Assist patients in completing all verifications and filing of Applications for Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Room accounts

  • Submission of all Required Documentation

  • Continuous follow-up

  • Complete Review of all Closures/Denials for possible Judicial Hearing

  • Qualify Applicants for State and County Programs

  • Administrative Law Judge Hearings

  • Administrative Law Judge Appeals

  • Court Proceedings for ALJ Denials

  • Patient Locator System

Third Party Payor Eligibility Screening

  • Crime Victims Applications

  • COBRA Review

  • Veterans Review Champus/Tricare

  • Verification of Commercial Benefit Coverage

  • Completion of No Fault Claim Forms

  • Auto Accidents

  • Workers Compensation

  • Children Healthcare Services

  • Obtaining Police Reports

  • County Programs


IMN has a self developed locator Data Base which assists us in locating difficult to find patients and applicants. PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT (800) 968-6668 TO DISCUSS THESE SERVICES IN GREATER DETAIL



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