Margaret Metcalf:

Former patient representative and financial counselor at one of Oakland County’s largest hospitals for fifteen years prior to founding IMN in 1986. Her pre-IMN responsibilities included the verification of all third party payors as well as completing the Medicaid application process.

As president of IMN, Ms. Metcalf personally directs the corporate day-to-day activities focusing on a more personal and humane approach to Medicaid/Medicare application process. Ms. Metcalf also reviews the verification of third party payor information; ensures that all IMN services are tailored to meet each hospital’s unique requirements; coordinates the placement of IMN personnel within each facility and oversees all operational support systems.

Daniel Mayer:
Vice President

Mr. Mayer has been employed with IMN since its inception in 1986. He has thirty years of experience in the health care field and twenty six years in management Mr. Mayer is responsible for the overall operation of IMN which includes providing in-service training seminars to IMN clients, acts as liaison between IMN and its clients and ensures the appropriateness and timeliness of the application process. He is also responsible for the Personnel and Human Resources divisions of IMN.

Linda Balakian:
Manager /Social Security & Third Party Payor Specialist

Prior to IMN, Ms. Balakian was formerly employed by one of Southeastern Michigan’s larger hospitals for seven years as a Patient Representative/Financial Counselor. Ms. Balakian had extensive experience with the Medicaid/Social Security application process. Ms. Balakian has worked with IMN for the past twenty four years. She has worked on-site within several hospitals during her twenty four year tenure. Ms. Balakian is responsible for managing the every day processing of the patient representative Medicaid and Third party payor applications. Ms. Balakian has been working onsite at St Joseph Oakland for the past four (4) years.

Virginia Sutcliffe:
Medicaid Supervisor/ Company Trainor

Ms. Sutcliffe has been employed with IMN since 2005. Her responsibilities include; training of the IMN staff on all phases of Medicaid and Third party payors, prescreening patients for Medicaid or any other possible third party payor. Ms. Sutcliffe will also complete required home visits for those patient that require further assistance in the processing of their application. Ms. Sutcliffe also works onsite at St. Joseph Ann Arbor Emergency Room.

Norman Williams:
Supervisor Field Representative

With no previous experience, Mr. Williams, was trained on-site by IMN in 2009 and now has developed into IMN’s top Field Representative with his understanding of the Medicaid /Social Security application process. He is also Independent Medical Network’s Liaison in discussing patient issues with the Michigan Department of Human Services. Mr. Williams was promoted to the position of supervisor through his quick understanding of the Medicaid/Social Security application process.