IMN is a woman owned business since 1986. Our corporate office is located in Madison Heights. IMN currently services Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania. We are also available to serve specific areas of Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin and Florida.

IMN is a member of both MPAA (Michigan Patient Accounting Association) and HFMA (Health Care Financial Management Association).

IMN has been able to diversify itself as more that just a Medicaid application service. We have been able to assist providers in obtaining signatures on various documents: affidavits of no insurance, completed no-fault claim forms and assignment of benefit claim forms. IMN also assists in locating and filing police reports, resolving coordination of benefit issues, applying for Medicare A, and B, processing Medicare buy-ins as well as Social Security application filings; all of which has contributed significantly to hospital and pharmacy third party payor revenue. 

IMN makes it a practice to establish an excellent working relationship with each patient that is assigned. Our field representatives consider themselves as patient ombudsmen. This has allowed IMN to make amicable voluntary patient settlements on cases where the hospital/pharmacy may have no knowledge of the patient assets. Settling these types of cases with hospital/pharmacy authorization and approval has produced a benefit in the collection of accounts that normally would be considered as write-offs to hospital/pharmacy bad debt.

We at IMN are most proud of our continuous years of consecutive growth. Each of our years has been more successful then the last in terms of number of clients and number of Medicaid approvals. We are also proud of the fact that a majority of our employees  have in excess of fifteen (15) years of service with IMN. Those experienced employees working within our system have built this successful company.

IMN has developed its staff in order to ensure that the company has qualified personnel to deal with every Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security application situation.